Favor With God

This morning as I was reading in the book of Esther in the Bible, I was reminded of our favor with God. Regardless of what the enemy schemes against us, God is always there to protect us.  It delights our Lord to help us, to protect us, and to give us good gifts. We are His children. 

He wants us to bring our petitions to Him. When we humble our hearts and cry out to Him, He will help us with whatever is troubling our hearts. He doesn’t want us to feel alone or to try to do it all by ourselves. 

In all situations, God knows our circumstances. He knows our pain, our fears, and our hardships. Nothing is beyond Him. Sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and become honest with Him. When our hearts truly seek Him, then we will be able to reach Him. 

He has a plan. Nothing catches our Lord unaware. He knows how to help us. Most of the time, however, He is just waiting on us to seek Him. We can’t discover His plan for us, if we never ask Him. 

I love to start my day with the Lord. Reading my Bible, praying, and sitting in stillness equip me to have a better day. When my thoughts are centered on my Lord, then the noise of the world doesn’t affect me. Because I am reminded of the power of my God. 

Love and blessings, 


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