Embracing The Struggles

For years, it felt as if a dark cloud of doom followed me around. It was always there, in the back of my mind, dredging up fear and feelings of uncertainty. 

Would I wake up one day unable to use my hands or walk?
Would I become totally disabled?
Were the doctors right? Would I never get better?

The what ifs and fear almost paralyzed me. Regardless of how well my life was going, I always expected something bad to happen. I waited for it. With every new ache or pain, I would think, this is it. 

Living in that type of mindset nearly destroyed me. Always waiting or expecting something bad to happen is not living. It’s just existing. We have more control over our live than we realize. Bad things are going to happen. No one is going to live without some type of hardships. It’s during the down moments that we grow. 

With every hardship in our life, we have the ability to learn and grow and ultimately prosper. It’s all in how we look at the situation. If we see it as obstacle that we can’t overcome, then it will overpower us. We will stress about it, worry, and resist the change. If we see as an opportunity to grow and prosper, however, it will strengthen us and give us the tools that we need to succeed. 
From the App, Words of Encouragement.  

When trouble strikes in our life, we have two choices. We can either 1) Resist the change and fight against it, or 2) Lean into it, and allow it to help us. The struggle is needed in our life, otherwise it would not be there. When we learn what we need to from the hardship, it will leave. Our trails and tribulations and pain have a purpose. When we learn to embrace them, then we will not only overcome the struggle, but we will overcome our self-doubts, feelings of uncertainty, and weaknesses as well. Then our faith with blossom, we will gain strength and wisdom, and become a mighty solider for our Lord. 

Hang in there! God has a plan and a purpose for you. The pain you feel today cannot compare to the joy that is coming your way. 

Love and blessings,


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