Don’t Give Up: Strategize A New Solution

The devil wants us to give up. He places stumbling blocks in front of us continuously. So often, we stumble over them without even realizing it. Our enemy knows that he cannot defeat us if he comes charging at us all at once. Then we would recognize his intentions and call out to God for help. Instead, he distracts us and discourages us. 

One of my biggest problems lately has been my inability to focus. My thoughts are scattered all over the place. I’ve developed a bad case of squirrel brain and I’ve been allowing it to dominate my day. Sure I’ve been busy all day, but my tasks have not moved me closer to my goals. I’ve allowed the art of busyness to interfere with my productivity. 

Until now! I will not waste another day. In order to succeed, I need a system to help me overcome my problem and habits to ensure that I keep my commitment to myself. Starting today, I am changing how I do things.

For the next thirty days, I am going to do these three things daily, and see how my life changes. My mind is screaming at me that I won’t do it. I’ll fail. But my heart reminds me of how far I’ve already come. 

  1. Make a list of things that need to be completed daily. 
  2. Schedule the tasks in my calendar.
  3. Commit to doing them daily. 

When life gets tough, we can’t just throw our hands up in the air and accept defeat. We need to talk our situation over with the Lord and develop new strategies and habits to accomplish our goals. Most of all, we have to keep trying until we are able to overcome whatever is hindering our life and our ability to be the best version of ourselves. 

Love and blessings, 


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