Celebrate Your Differences

April is Limb Difference (Loss) Awareness Month. In an effort to raise awareness of differences, I am going to dedicate this month to sharing my thoughts, struggles, and feelings concerning differences. For years, I stood in the shadows of life and hid behind my scars. At that time in my life, they represented shame and heartache to me. 

As I got older, however, God helped me to change my perspective. Sometimes that’s all we really need to do. Once we look at our situation from a new angle, then we are able to see things that we originally overlooked. My whole life, I had viewed myself as a victim. The amniotic bands attacked me. I was defenseless against the attacks. The damage that the bands did to my body was heartbreaking. I grieved for my loss. 

The day that I realized I could have died changed my life. In an instant, my mindset transformed from a victim to a survivor. Suddenly, I was able to view my life with new eyes. Instead of wanting to hide my scars in shame, I wanted to tell the world how the Lord had spared me from death. My scars that had always represented heartache to me transformed into battle scars—covered by God’s grace. 

In my mind, I had always felt as if I was being punished by God in some way. The day my mindset changed, I realized that I have favor with God. Every day is a blessing. In all reality, I should have died, but God blessed me to live. And every day I want to live for Him. 

God took time to create us all unique. We all are different in some way. Our differences are what make the world so wonderful. In the whole world, there will only be one you. Nourish your gift of uniqueness. Give the world the gift of getting to know you. 

Love and blessings, 


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