The Daily Struggle: How to Love Ourselves through the Hardships

Perfection is an illusion. No one is perfect. We might give others the illusion that we live in a perfect world, with a perfect life, but that’s just not possible. … Continue Reading →

It’s Not Just About Me: Live By Serving Others

Love is a universal language. When we embrace kindness and extend it to our fellow man, it speaks to our hearts and lifts our spirits, but only if we give— … Continue Reading →

The Struggle: How to Overcome the Impossible

Tuesday, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or go back to bed. My body ached and I couldn’t seem to get past the misery. I moped around and … Continue Reading →

Fighting Back

I loved to blog! At least I did until the devil convinced me otherwise. Negative thoughts broke through my defenses and persuaded me to stop. So I listened. A yearning, … Continue Reading →

The Survivor: How I found acceptance through Zippy

I will never forget the horrid feeling of being bullied. Words, sharp as knives, swiped at me over and over until it felt as if I would crumble. I remember … Continue Reading →