The Power Of Acceptance

Living with a physical difference comes with various challenges. One is the need for acceptance. As a little girl, I often felt shame because I was different. So I felt … Continue Reading →

The Recovery Process and a Glimpse of My Hand

God amazes me! He can take something small, and bless it to be exactly enough. That’s how I feel about my left hand. My whole life, I’ve only been able … Continue Reading →

Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Dr. Seuss had the right idea when he asked this question. Why do we so desperately want to be like … Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Living Inspired

We all love to feel motivated. The feeling, however, doesn’t always show up in our lives. In fact, most days, my feelings are the exact opposite of what I want … Continue Reading →

Embrace Your Uniqueness: We Are All Perfectly Imperfect

Stare and whispers have always been a part of my life. Sometimes, however, people even approach me and take their rudeness to whole new level. Strangers have actually come up … Continue Reading →