Praise Report: No More Surgery

Today, I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. He told me on my last appointment that I may need another surgery to deepen my thumb so that I will … Continue Reading →

Resisting the Change

This morning, I saw my hand for the first time—without the feeling of shock. In my mind, I have been blocking the change that took place. My hand has felt … Continue Reading →

The Recovery Process and a Glimpse of My Hand

God amazes me! He can take something small, and bless it to be exactly enough. That’s how I feel about my left hand. My whole life, I’ve only been able … Continue Reading →

Operation Get a Thumb: Successful

Today, the bandages came off and my doctor was extremely happy with the results. The skin graft looks great—both on my hand and my arm. Over 20 stitches were removed … Continue Reading →

Living with Amniotic Band Syndrome: How One Doctor Gave Me Hope For My Scars

Sometimes when we least expect it, God surprises us. Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I received the surprise of my life. I went to the doctor because of my elbow … Continue Reading →