Be Intentional

One of the ways the enemy defeats us is with distraction. When we are distracted, we are not focused or driven. We end up wasting more time than we actually spend being productive. Then when we waste our time, we feel bad. The bad feelings lead to us wasting more time, and the cycle continues. 

When we are intentional about our day, however, we remove the distractions. This morning, I knew that I was getting up at 5 a.m. I didn’t snooze, whine, or wish that I could just sleep in. I set my intentions the night before. When we create excitement with our thoughts about the new day, new week, and new month, then it is so much easier to get out of bed in the mornings. I wake up hours earlier than I need to so I can chase my dreams. My dreams and the possibilities that they create excite me. In the mornings, I recreate that excitement by writing down my goals. I have a picture that I often look at it. That one image helps me to remember why I do it. 

Our thoughts are so important. When we think negative thoughts, then they have a way of multiplying. Before we know it we are off track, and down. The enemy is in our mind. He wants us to give up because he can’t defeat us otherwise. He can’t make us quit, but he can give us a million reasons each morning to persuade us. 

We need to watch and pray. Last night, before I feel asleep, I asked God to help me. I knew that the negative thoughts and feelings would hit me as soon as my alarm went off this morning, so I wanted to set myself up for success. I can’t always do it on my own, but when we ask God to help us, He will. He will help us with all things in our lives. We don’t have to do it alone. 

The only thing standing in your way is your beliefs. You and God can do great things!

Love and blessings, 


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