Blessings for Heartaches

God is the only one I know who can turn a devastating situation into a great, big blessing. He’s the only one I know who can take our tears and … Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus

We are often unaware of the challenges facing us each day. We don’t fully realize the beautiful gift of God’s mercy or comfort until times of battle. We don’t know … Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter

In the midst of heartaches and adversity, God is there. He is our beacon of hope during the strongest of storms. He knows our thoughts, ways, the paths we take … Continue Reading →

Prayer Works

Sometimes I get so caught up in this world that I forget to talk to God. When everything is going great in my life, I very seldom take the time … Continue Reading →

Positive Thoughts, Faith, and Prayers

It’s so easy to be surrounded by a realm of negative thoughts.  To me they seem more natural and so much easier to believe. They are what we are accustomed … Continue Reading →