I don’t always wake up on Sunday morning, excited about going to church. The temptation to sleep in is always there. My body seems to ache more on Sundays then … Continue Reading →

The Comparison Bug

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and become jealous of their success. Usually, all we see is the blessing, but we don’t often get to see the … Continue Reading →

Doing What Is Right Verses What Is Easy

I was all settled in with my book, ready to enjoy my evening. When it dawned on me that I didn’t write my blog before work this morning. Nor did … Continue Reading →

Resisting the Change

This morning, I saw my hand for the first time—without the feeling of shock. In my mind, I have been blocking the change that took place. My hand has felt … Continue Reading →

How to Create Lasting Change

Usually when I’m feeling down, it’s because of one of two things. I’m either a) not listening to God, or b) I am resisting the changes He wants me to … Continue Reading →