Taking Inventory

For years, I worked in retail. Every year we would always do an inventory to see how things were going. I always hated it. We had to count everything: the … Continue Reading →

Breaking the Cycle

Sometimes we forget that we have a choice. This is our life. While circumstances might try to derail us or even destroy us, at the end of the day no … Continue Reading →

How To Stop Worrying

Most of the things that we worry about will never happen. All it takes is one inkling of doubt or worry to kick our imagination into full force. We take … Continue Reading →

How to Overcome the Monday Morning Blues

Do you dread Monday morning? I used to dread it so bad that it made my stomach hurt on Sunday night. I always woke up in a bad mood and … Continue Reading →

How to Overcome Life’s Hardships

Life can be so hard! The enemy is relentless in his attack on us. He doesn’t stop. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t catch my breath. It’s one attack … Continue Reading →