My Catalyst For Change

If we want to move forward in our life, then we have to pay attention to the stories we are telling ourselves. I used to have all kinds of stories … Continue Reading →

How We Can Help Ourselves

It’s amazing sometimes at how our thoughts about certain things can totally change. I used to look at exercise as a chore. It was something that I felt like I … Continue Reading →

How I Received A Second Chance With My Health

So often, we use the words “have to” in our daily life. We rarely say we “get to.” However, when we change that single word, it totally changes how we … Continue Reading →

Scars and Stares: How to Overcome Living With Scars

People stare at me. Some drop my change in horror and others pity me. But the rude questions and comments are by far the hardest to endure. One person asked … Continue Reading →

Praise Report: How My Body Healed

Last year, around this time, I was in complete misery. My long list of symptoms was overwhelming; leaving me broken and defeated. Even though I tried to embrace positivity, my … Continue Reading →