How to Deal with Difficult People

Normally, our first reaction when someone does something to hurt or offend us is to fight. We go into our self-righteous mode and can only see one side of the … Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Struggle

Some days I have great thoughts and I’m able to articulate them well. I have a plan and know exactly what I’m going to write about. Today, however, is not … Continue Reading →

Do You Need Daily Encouragement?

I have a confession to make. Fear has prevented me from promoting my new book the way I wanted to.  Writing is hard. Writing personal stories from the very depths … Continue Reading →

Gift of Hope: Do You Embrace Your Purpose?

Several years ago, I endured the darkest time of my life. My body was plagued with pain, I wasn’t able to work, and my heart ached, continuously. During the day, I … Continue Reading →