God is my greatest hope

God blessed me to have a conversation with a stranger. When I asked him how he was doing, he told me he was just trying to survive. It wasn’t so … Continue Reading →

Embrace Your Uniqueness: We Are All Perfectly Imperfect

Stare and whispers have always been a part of my life. Sometimes, however, people even approach me and take their rudeness to whole new level. Strangers have actually come up … Continue Reading →

My Beautiful Life

Last week I had something shake my world. It was so heartbreaking that I couldn’t even talk about it. Through my tears and prayers, God blessed me to open my … Continue Reading →

The Survivor: How I found acceptance through Zippy

I will never forget the horrid feeling of being bullied. Words, sharp as knives, swiped at me over and over until it felt as if I would crumble. I remember … Continue Reading →

Perseverance and Determination by Amanda Romero

We all need some inspiration from time to time! So I decided to dedicate the month of April to “Overcoming Circumstances” on my blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I would love … Continue Reading →