Somebody prayed

Somebody prayed me out of harm’s way. What a blessing it is to know that we are not alone in this world. Not only do we have a Father who loves us unconditionally, but we also have a multitude of spiritual brothers and sisters to help us along our journey. During the hard times, when our hearts are broken and we are in the trenches of life, then God burdens someone’s heart to pray for us. We don’t even have to ask for the prayer. God always supplies our needs. He gives us exactly what we need when we need it.

I am so grateful to be His child. God controls it all. Nothing is too hard for Him. Even the toughest battles are easy for God. When we stay humble and seek Him with our whole heart then He will help us.

God even takes care of us when we are going in circles in the wilderness. He doesn’t just leave us there to figure it out for ourselves. Once we have learned what He wants us to learn, then He will deliver us out of our troubles—just like He did the children of Israel. God will give us instructions to overcome our hardships. When we turn our hearts back to Him and become obedient, then He will deliver us.

While it’s so great to get to go on the mountain with Him, the work is done in the valley. My daddy says that prayer is the greatest tool we have. When we humble our hearts in prayer, then we get to talk to God. Sometimes that truth still amazes me. The Creator of the whole universe will listen to my pleas.

I desire to be a prayer warrior and to fight my battles with love. The greatest gift of love that we can bestow upon another soul is the gift of prayer. When I was lost, desperately needing a savior, someone prayed for me. I want to pay that gift forward. And every single time that the Lord blesses me to pray for a lost soul, then I want to desire one more.


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