Sit in the stillness and talk to God

Do you ever feel like the Lord wants to talk to you? That’s how I feel sometimes. I can feel Him drawing me to spend time with Him. As God’s power pulls me, the enemy urges me to do something else. And sometimes I listen to the enemy.

If we do something else, we will miss the things the Lord wants to show us and the beautiful moments with Him. That’s why we often feel overwhelmed and stressed, wondering where the Lord is and why He won’t help us.

But so often, God wants to help us. He has the answers we need, but we are too busy and occupied by other things to listen to Him. I am speaking from experience. When I think I’ll pray later, journal later, write tomorrow, go for a walk another day, as I feel the urge to do these things, I miss an appointment with the Lord. And it might be an essential conversation.

Therefore, I want to be aware of the little nudges and urges to spend time with Him. Anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed are nudges. When I feel these things, I need to seek the Lord. If I ignore the nudges, I spend time with the enemy. He wants to have conversations with me too.

Satan is the voice of worry, fear, and anger. I know I have the wrong conversations when I start feeling these emotions. After a discussion with the Lord, I feel strong, safe, comforted, loved, and helped. I’m so thankful that God wants to talk to me. I’m grateful that He draws me and calls to me. When I feel His spirit nudging me, I should treat it like a very important phone call and answer immediately.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
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