Living Inspired

Life is hard. It is filled with challenges and obstacles every day. Sometimes we get caught up in the negativity, and start believing the lies. If we will listen, the devil will fill our minds with bad thoughts. After all, his job is to torment us.
As my alarm clocked sounded this morning, the negative thoughts came rushing into my mind before I even got out of bed. Right away the devil tried to make me believe that this day will be horrible. In my sleepy and vulnerable state, I listened as I brushed my teeth. Then as the thoughts began to multiply, I stopped them.

This is the day that the Lord gave me. As the Bible verse explains, I will rejoice and be glad. When I started thinking of my blessings, I was able to silence the negative voice. Every day I want to live inspired. 

Every morning, when we open our eyes, if we can’t find anything positive or exciting about our day, then we need to create something wonderful. The day is a gift from God. Not everyone will receive this precious gift. Some people will never open their eyes to this day. So let’s enjoy it. Instead of thinking of all the things that we “have to” do today, let’s change our perspective and think of all the things we “get to” do. We have never lived this day before. 

Below is my three favorite ways to change the course of my day:

  1. Gratitude. When I think of at least three things that I am thankful for, and really feel the emotion in my heart, it changes my state of mind. 
  2. Pray and read my Bible. The Bible is filled with encouragement. When we read and reread it over and over, the word of God overcomes the negativity in our mind. 
  3. Exercise. When we start our day with exercise it puts us in a better mood by releasing endorphins that are proven to make us feel better.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and blessings, 


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