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Comparing ourselves to others steals our joy. It does not serve us in any way. When we compare ourselves to others then it either makes us feel as if we are better than they are or it makes us feel as if we are not as good. Either emotion is not good for us. Every day we just need to live our best life and not worry about what other people are doing. We need to do things for the joy that it brings into our lives.
It took me a long time to enjoy the process of writing. For so long, I judged every word that I recorded onto the page. I wouldn’t allow the natural flow to happen because I held back. In my mind, I needed to do this to protect myself. Suppressing the feelings made me feel as if I was in control. But in doing that, I also suppressed my joy. When I was finally able to let go and just write, without judgment or suppression, then I was able to get into the flow of writing and actually create the stories of my heart. Now, I give myself permission to write whatever pops into my mind—whether it is good or bad. Knowing that I can always edit it later.
While there are many people in this world more talented than I am, no one else can tell my story. Our uniqueness is in how we do it. I read lots of books and no two authors are exactly the same. Every one of them has their own unique style.
Trying to be like everyone else takes away from our own uniqueness. One of the greatest things that we can do in this world is learning to be ourselves. God gave us all gifts. It is up to us to discover the gift that He gave us. It is a process. Learning to write from my heart, took me a while to discover. But if we show up every day, determined to use our gifts, then God will show us how to use them. I write every day. Not for money or fame, but for the joy it brings into my life.
I used to write for other people. Therefore, I allowed their criticism to enter my heart. At times along this journey, I have even allowed the harsh opinions of others to cause me to stop writing. Then one day, I realized that I had to write for me first. When I write authentically from my soul, it helps me first, then I can share it with others.
Every day, as I sit down to write, I ask God to help me to help someone else with my writing. And He always blesses me to write what I need. God is the one who can take a little and bless it abundantly.
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