Help those in need

Be there for people when they need you.

I’ve heard my daddy say this so often. When people are in need, we have the opportunity to show them the love of God. We can’t wait until it is convenient for us. In order to help others, we have to move in the appropriate time. If we put it off, then we might miss the blessing of being able to help someone else.

God has given me many opportunities to help someone else. Honestly, the way He wants me to help sometimes is not the way that I want to help. But if we are going to serve the Lord and do His will, then we need to be willing to do whatever He puts on our hearts. While some opportunities may be small and insignificant to us, they may be big to the one in need.

Have you ever had someone help you in your time of need? Do you remember how that felt?

Sometimes we just need to remember how kindness feels when it is received. So it will encourage us to give more of it in our lives. I still remember the nurse who warmed a blanket for me in the ER. I was so cold. My whole body was trembling and she took an extra moment to heat my blanket. The kind gesture brought me to tears.

We should strive to be kind in some way every day, and look for the opportunities to help someone else. Because we never know when we will be the one in need. This weekend I had a specific need and I tried to find someone to help me. Even those with the ability to help me turned me away. Of course, God worked it out for me, but He also used the situation to teach me the gift of helping someone else. I pray if I have the ability to help someone else that I will always choose to help them.


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