God is with us always

God doesn’t always prevent us from going into battle, but He does go with us. Wherever we go we take the Lord with us. Nothing can separate us from Him. I love knowing this truth and feeling it in the deep marrow of my bones.

Sometimes, however, God takes us through the battlefield to give others a little glimpse of our faith in Him. In the midst of our struggle, when we still seek after the Lord and proclaim His greatness, then we become a living testimony for Him. The loudest testimonies are those heard from the battlefield and by how we live our lives in the midst of adversity.

I love seeing how God works in my life. Oh, friends, He gives me the deepest desires of my heart. When troubles come, God has a plan. I love it when I can turn my heartaches over to Him, and then become still and watch how He takes care of it all. So many times I just stand in awe of Him. Especially when I am close to Him and seeking Him with my whole heart.

When I can surrender all of my heartaches and fears and trust Him to take care of me, then something wonderful happens. God can give me peace in the midst of the storm. The true joy of this life is to walk this journey with God. He can open doors that are sealed shut and make a way when there is no way. When my mind tries to doubt His power, then I just open my eyes and take in the world all around. God created it all. Therefore, He has the wisdom, knowledge, and power to take care of our every need. Turn to Him. He has grace for your every need.


Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

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