God is on our side

God is in our side. Regardless of what the enemy throws at us, God is with us. Nothing can separate us from Him. We are deeply loved by the creator of the Universe.
In the midst of despair, when we feel defeated, then we need to remember that the Bible is filled with example after example of God delivering His people. Not only does God help His people, but He does it with ease. God is all-mighty. He is magnificent in all ways. And He is our Shepherd.
Instead of allowing the defeat to overtake us, we need to look up. If we can look up, then we can get up. We need to fix our eyes so steadily on God that we walk by faith—not by sight. When we walk by faith, then we will find ourselves in deeper waters. God will take us to the places that we can’t go on our own.
Today, as the problems of this world burden us down, then we need to reach our weak and trembling hand out to the Lord. By faith, we need to reach for the hem of His garment, and allow him to make us what He would have for us to be. We can’t do it on our own. If we could do it alone, then we wouldn’t need God. Give it all to Him—the worries, the heartache, the unbelief, and the fear. In return, He will give you His faith, His strength, His comfort, and His peace. And we can praise Him in the midst of the storm.
Even during the darkest of storms, the sun is still shining.
Photo by Tom MB on Unsplash
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