Focus on the Lord

We perceive our world through our emotions. If we are fearful, then we might diminish God’s power with our limiting beliefs. In our mind, we may feel that the government or our leaders are in complete control based on what we hear on the news. Whatever we focus on will expand in our lives. Therefore, if we want more peace and joy, we must focus on God and His word.

When we go to the scriptures and read about past times, we can see that God was always in control. With one command, He can change any situation. No one is beyond His power. In the Bible, when the people followed God, He gave them victory. He will do the same for us. We have to seek Him and His ways.

God wants to be in the very center of our lives. If we allow Him to lead and guide us, we will always go the right way. When we go off on our own way, we get into trouble. If something is not a definite yes, it should be a no. When we struggle with decisions and feel confused, then that is not of God. God is not the author of confusion.

His ways are easy. They are so easy that we often trip over them because we expect things to be hard. Therefore, we are usually the ones who make things hard on ourselves. God, however, has grace for our every need. Nothing in our lives is too big for Him to handle. He can help us to overcome every struggle if we go to Him.

I love it when I get connected with Him. I love it when I sit down to write without thought, and then suddenly, they flood me. I love it when I am trying so hard to do something, and He comes by and does it with ease for me. I love it when He helps me change my perspective and situation with one thought. I can’t seem to find the words to explain His greatness. His goodness is beyond my explanation.

Friends, if you are struggling with something, I urge you to take it to the Lord. Ask Him to help you, and believe wholeheartedly that He can do it. Sometimes, He changes the situation, and sometimes, He changes our thoughts about the situation. But either way, God helps us.

Photo by Salvatore Tonnara on Unsplash
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