Facing Our Fears

How often do we allow fear to dictate our life? It is the number one stealer of our dreams. Usually, we would rather stay in our safe haven, then to step outside of our comfort zones. However, beyond our comfort zone is where we find our dreams. 

Every moment of every day we are making choices—whether we realize it or not. So often we chose to not make a decision about something because we don’t want to be wrong or to fail. Our choice to not do something is still a decision though. We are either making progress in our life, or we are failing. Being neutral is not an option.

We have to decide if we are going to live courageously or if we are going to live in fear. The comfort zone that we love so much is really harming us. Every day we should do one thing that scares us a little. That is the only way for us to grow.

Without fear we can’t exhibit faith. When we stop being comfortable, we really start living. A few years ago, I lived every day in fear. I was nearly paralyzed by it. I was afraid to travel, afraid to shop, afraid of crowds, afraid to try anything new, etc. My mind was always in the worst case scenario mode and I lived in misery. Every day I expected something bad to happen. I created a prison for myself and I lived with constant limitations. 

Now, I continuously do things that scare me. I try new foods, new workouts, and go beyond what is comfortable for me all the time. I’m more creative and adventurous. Instead of allowing the fear to stop me, I use it propel me forward. And I’ve never been happier. Every day I feel as if something great is about to happen. 

Love and blessings, 


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