Exciting News: Zippy’s Club Journal Coming Soon

Don’t let anyone tell you how BIG your dream can be.

God put something in my heart to create that I had never seen before. Therefore, it intimidated me.

So, I procrastinated. I wrote all around it. I’ve written so many Zippy books. You all have no idea. But with each one, I knew it wasn’t the right one. And every time, God would show me the right one.

I couldn’t write it because I believed the enemy when he told me I wasn’t qualified to write this book. Then, one day, I needed it. Someone I loved deeply needed it. And it wasn’t written because of fear.

That’s a hard truth to accept. I allowed my fears to stand in my way, and others were suffering. God knows what it will take to get our attention and cooperation. In my heartache, I agreed to do whatever it took.

And it took a lot of work, research, prayers, and tears. I had to learn it so well that I could break it down and teach it to kids. This new book has been challenging and yet so rewarding.

When I was a little girl, I didn’t know how to process my emotions or what to do with all of my immense feelings. I wish that someone would have shown me this formula. The Zippy’s Club Journal is the book I wish I had as a young girl. I know it would have changed my life. Sitting down with my younger self and explaining my thought process and how to choose a different thought would have helped me so much.

Sweet friends, here is a sneak peek of the book cover. I am working on putting it all together now. So, I’ll keep you updated on a definite release date. I’m so excited and thankful that God chose me to write this book.

Art by Jack Foster
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