Dreams Come True!

When I was a little girl my right arm came out of place, leaving it in a sling and me only one finger on my left hand to function. However, I managed to feed myself.  In fact, I insisted upon it. Why? Because I didn’t know it was supposed to be an impossible task. I was too young to be affected by pessimism. I was stubborn and believed if I tried hard and long enough, eventually, I would be able to do whatever I needed to do.
As we get older, not only does our innocence disappear, but our optimism seems to vanish as well. Most often times our glass is not only half empty, but it has a gaping hole in the bottom. We adhere to the constraints of the world and forget we have a powerful tool in prayer and determination. It’s easier to believe it will never happen because that doesn’t take any faith nor trust in God. However, it’s considerably harder to stand in the midst of the fire and believe it is possible to walk right through it without being burned.
It’s hard to believe in something that others claim is impossible. It’s hard to believe with my heart, when my mind can’t make sense of it at all. It’s hard to believe God is all powerful because I have a tendency to put Him in a box filled with restrictions. It’s hard to listen to that still small voice when my mind is yelling otherwise. Yet, that is the only way to succeed; to believe that God can make our impossible—very possible.
Regardless of our obstacle God has a plan. The things which are His will cannot be changed. We can worry ourselves sick trying to come up with a solution, but unless it is in the center of God’s will, it’s useless. Even though I know this, still, I usually try everything myself before I ask God to help me from my heart. It’s kind of like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I cry, my mind races and I pout, until I finally wear myself out. In doing it that way, I don’t change the outcome at all. All I do is cause myself a lot of unnecessary heartache and misery. We still ALWAYS do it God’s way; that I can promise you.
However, if we stand with our feet planted just right, void of doubts and fears, knowing God will take care of it all—He will. The bible tells us He will give us the desires of hearts. I’ve thought so much about the true desires of my heart and I know God will grant them because He put them there.
I wasn’t going to say anything until everything was finalized, but what good is hope and faith when it is already settled? We need to tell of the hope that fills our hearts. We need to tell about the good and powerful things of God, through an eye of faith.
A few weeks ago, I was asked to write an article for the newspaper. I have long since retired that part of my life, but every once in a while I will write an article for someone if they ask me. However, the night before, God placed a blog entry on my heart. I tried to write it that night, but it just wasn’t there yet. And I knew I had to choose. I hate letting people down when they are counting on me, but I knew if I didn’t write it, when God gave it to me, it would be lost. So I cancelled on the article and wrote the blog entry.
It was probably the hardest blog I have ever written. I cried the whole time.
A friend on Facebook shared the blog entry and, as a result, a woman who works for a publisher contacted me, completely out of the blue. She felt God through my writing and recognized the wonderful gift He has given me. She wanted to know if I would be interested in writing a book for their company.
All I could think as I read her message was WOW—God is so good! God blessed me with a wonderful Awe Moment. Every since I finished my memoir, I wondered what God wanted me to do with it. Every time I would pray about it, I would always feel like I just needed to stand still and let God move.
I’m not saying that everything will work out because I don’t know, but I do know that I have hope and peace with it all. Regardless of what happens, I know it will be God’s will and what is best for me.
 This whole experience has renewed my faith and showed me more than ever God is in control. Even though I feel so small and insignificant, my God is mighty and strong. He can open the doors that are impossible for me to open. He can answer my prayers and make it look so easy. But, I believe, first He requires my trust. He wants me to believe, well actually he wants me to know, that not only is He capable of answering my prayer, but that He will! He expects me to keep my eyes on Him and not waiver when the storms of life start raging.
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