Do you know the cost of your dream?

There is a cost in going after our dreams and achieving our goals. It would be tough to pursue if we knew the exact cost and how much effort and pain it would take upfront.

I remember lying in bed after my hand surgery, crying because the pain was terrible. The recovery time was more significant than what I had anticipated. My thumb costs about ten times more than what the hospital told me it would cost.

As I struggled with it all, I remember thinking if I had known all of this, I would have reconsidered having the surgery.

Thank God, I didn’t know the cost of it all because my fear would have prevented me from gaining the blessing. But once I got through it all, the gift of having a thumb and how it has helped me is priceless.

It was the same way with my books. I showed up and wrote for seven years before I received compensation for my writing. Pursuing a goal for seven years is hard without any validation and compensation. If I had known all the struggles and pain along the journey, I might have chosen another dream.

But the joy of getting to write books to help others is priceless.

When we decide to pursue the dream or goal regardless of the cost, then God will help us. Sometimes, I think the struggle or delay is seeing if we want it. If we can quit or walk away from it, perhaps we should.

However, if you pray about it, lose sleep over it, and desire it in the depths of your heart, go after it with everything inside of you. Don’t let the enemy steal your heart’s desires.

If you truly desire it, it will be worth it. And when God gives you the blessing, the time, pain, and struggle will only intensify the greatness of the blessing.

Will it be hard?
Will you cry and pray and want to quit?

But there are no words to describe how it feels to overcome all the obstacles and challenges and to get the blessing your heart has desired for so long. It is a joy that lingers and fills every part of you so completely that it pours into others and blesses them as well.

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