Is God On Your Radar?

It’s so easy to  get caught up in the drama of life. The constant bickering and fighting has a way of drawing our attention. If we are not careful, we … Continue Reading →

Chasing Perfectionism

How often do we place limitations on ourselves? How many times have we thought, if this “thing” would just happen, I would finally be happy? Then once we achieve that … Continue Reading →

Trust The Process

It can be disheartening when we are working so hard and not getting the results that we desire. When we can’t see real progress, we automatically assume that the process … Continue Reading →

Lessons On Giving

Recently, fires blazed through one of our neighboring towns. The fires destroyed homes, businesses, and took the lives of some. While it was not close enough to impact us, the … Continue Reading →

Half Way There: 15/30

Sometimes we need to take a chance and do the unexpected, in order to prove to ourselves that it’s possible. When I first received my new workout package, I was … Continue Reading →