Aligning with God

Reading through the Bible, I have noticed that when the people followed the Lord they prospered. However, those who choose not to follow the Lord brought hardships upon themselves. I want to prosper in the Lord. I don’t want to bring hardships on myself through disobedience.

Therefore, I have to check in with myself daily. The enemy is so sneaky. He doesn’t just pull us away from the Lord. But rather he gets us off track with one action at a time. It can start with one negative thought. Then that thought can lead to negative feelings. Before we realize it, our actions are negative as well—which gives us negative results.

Some of the questions I ask myself to know if I am on the right track:

1. Do others get on my nerves?
2. Do I wonder what is wrong with everyone else?
3. Do I feel discouraged, overwhelmed or helpless?
4. Am I living in the present moment or in the past/future?
5. Does my situation seem hopeless?
6. Am I being intentional with my time or wasting it?
7. Are my conversations and thoughts positive or negative?
8. Am I following the Lord?
9. Do I talk and think more about the things of the world or my Lord?
10. Do my hardships seem bigger than my Lord?
11. Do I feel the spirit of the Lord?
12. Am I focused on myself or others?
13. Am I justifying my bad behavior?
14. Am I judging others?
15. Do I have negative feelings toward others?

When I can be honest with myself, then I can see where I am at. We can’t fix something until we know that it is wrong. Then, I can make the necessary changes. When I am properly aligned with God, I can be joyful in my trials. Because I have hope and know that He is on my side.

Ignoring the little nudges from the Lord gets me in trouble. We know, in our hearts, when something is off and we are going in the wrong direction. Other people can brag us and even tell us how great that we are doing, but we know if we are walking for the Lord or not. We know when we get connected with Him or not. We know if we are following Him or stumbling around on our own.

When I am following God, I can feel His spirit guiding me. The devil may fight me, but God will always show up and bless me through it. But if I am doing it on my own, then there is disappointment and frustration. As hard as I try, I just can’t do it. Nothing comes together and it causes me so much stress.

However, when I am walking for the Lord, He blesses me at every turn. And I enjoy my salvation and my life so much more. At some point, we will all find ourselves on the wrong track. Thankfully, God allows us to turn around and go back to the place where we ran off and left Him. It is so much better to walk side by side with Him than even one step ahead of Him.


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